Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Ryan B. Check-in, payments, and uploads leader, video editor

Ryan made his first skydive in 2017 after about 3 months working with the team, and now has 14 skydives with a goal of earning his license in the near future.  Ryan is a Michigan City native, and manages the office,  where check-in, payments, video uploads, and email communications take place.  The office is a fun place to work, but very busy (and sometimes stressfull) during operations, so after work Ryan likes to relax with a cold beverage and throw darts & shoot pool with friends.  He also enjoys spending time with his son, who, like dad, has a passion for PC gaming, an activity they regularly enjoy together.

Mindy U. Check-in, payments, and uploads

Mindy joined the team in early 2019,  and is really enjoying the experience.  She often says “For the first time in my life I can say I love going to work!” and nothing makes her happier than a super-busy day. When she’s not at work Mindy enjoys every minute she can get with her kids and 4 beautiful grandkids. Family dinners are a big tradition in her house.  Mindy is also a “Frenchy Mom” and has 3 French Bulldogs who are treated just like one of the family.   Mindy is around most weekends helping check new jumpers in.

Olena S. Flight manifest and tandem student prep, Coach

Olena did her first tandem jump in August 2016 and fell in love with skydiving. She did couple more jumps and decided to get her license. In February 2017 Olena got her skydiving license and few months later started her first season at Skydive Windy City Chicago. Since then Olena working at the company manifesting loads and harnesing tandem students, she also has a goal to become an AFF instructor in near future and teach people to skydive.

Tom N. Tandem Instructor, parachute rigger, Safety & Training Advisor

Tom made his first jump in 1996, and has over 7000 skydives under his belt, of which nearly 5000 are tandem skydives. Tom has been with the company since 2013, and also holds Senior Parachute Rigger certificate, allowing him to inspect and repack reserve parachutes and make minor repairs to parachute equipment. Tom is working on his pilot’s license and his goal is stay in the “biz” but to move up to the front of the plane, in the pilot’s seat. Tom is married to Joy, and we rarely see them apart.

Justin S. Tandem Instructor, Safety & Training Advisor

Justin’s bio is coming soon!

Jarrod R. Tandem Instructor

Jarrod has been jumping out of anything that flies for over 20 years. He currently has over 5200 skydives and over 100 T-10 static line jumps. Jarrod started jumping from C-130s, C-141s, Blackhawk, and Chinooks in the Army as an Airborne Ranger in 1/ 75th Ranger Batt. After leaving the military,  Jarrod missed the excitement and lack of adrenaline of military service, so he started sport skydiving to bring some excitement back into his life.  Jarrod feels skydiving is such a positive experience, he wanted to become a tandem instructor to share this amazing sport with other people. Jarrod is preparing to obtain his AFF Rating this winter so that he can take his students from their first tandem all the way through the process of getting their skydiving license.   Jarrod is passionate in his quest, and loves this career path.

Kirk S. Tandem Instructor

Kirk made his first skydive in 1999 and has made over 3000 jumps, including over 2000 as a tandem instructor. Kirk is married to our pilot, Julie and has a daughter, Michaela. When he is not skydiving he enjoys spending time with family and friends and participating in outdoor activities. His goal is to continually improve as an instructor and all around skydiver.

Julie S. Commercial Pilot

Julie started flight training in 2012 and completed her Commercial Multi Instrument ratings in 2015. She started flying skydiver’s in 2016 and has over 2,000 hours of flight experience. Since joining the skydiving industry she has done 6 tandem skydives with her husband Kirk. Julie prefers to stay in the airplane but enjoys the occasional tandem skydive every once in a while. When Julie and Kirk are not working they enjoy visiting their family back in Michigan and spending time outdoors together. Julie’s favorite parts about the skydiving community are the happy customers and the family-like team members.

Nate M. Packing Leader, Parachute Rigger, Tandem Instructor, Coach

Nate has been skydiving since 2013 with over 600 jumps, and holds USPA Tandem Instructor and Coach ratings well as an FAA Senior Parachute Rigger certificate. He has the goal of traveling the world for a few years then eventually settling down somewhere to pursue a degree in cognitive neuroscience, and he likes to play guitar and video games in his spare time.

John P. Coach, packer, video editor

John is also a native of Michigan City who made his first skydive right here.  John’s first jump was on Sept. 11th, 2016, and he has aggressivley pursued his goals of becoming a skydiving instructor, with over 200 jumps already in his logbook and a USPA Coach rating earned about a year ago.  In 2017, John “cutaway” from the regular world to join the team that showed him what skydiving is all about.  John worked in the office in 2017, and in 2018 moved out to the packing mat to enjoy the fast-paced parachute packing scene.  John aspires to earn his FAA Parachute Rigger certificate, along with AFF (solo) and Tandem instructor ratings.

Joy N. Packer, video editor

Joy was hired as a packer when the company was in Plymouth, IN, and made her first skydive in 2012 (on the parachute she packed).  Joy has been a part of the team ever since, and in January fo 2016 earned her novice skydiving license.  Joy has made nearly 300 jumps so far and strives to create a safe, fun and growing environment wherever she jumps.  Joy has worked with the company longer than anyone but Troy, and we hope that continues.  Joy is married to Tom (with the 3rd highest seniority in the company), so it is very common to see them hanging out together.

Troy C. General Manager, Tandem Instructor, Solo Instructor (AFFI), pilot, parachute rigger, Safety & Training Advisor, video editor

**(Photo is a few years old)**

Troy is the business’ General Manager, and holds nearly every rating, license, or certificate that is used in the sport of skydiving.  Troy has been jumping since 1999, and has over 8,000 skydives and 40-ish BASE jumps.  He holds FAA Commercial Pilot (unrestricted) and Senior Parachute Rigger certificates, is a USPA Tandem Instructor,  AFF Instructor, Coach, PRO rating holder (required for many exhibition jumps), and a Safety & Training Advisor for the Midwestern Region.  Troy enjoys computer technology and designs and builds/assembles all the computer & electronic hardware we have.   Troy enjoys travelling as well, and has been to dozens of different countries, and been to every continent except Antarctica (and plans to go there soon).