Solo Training Program

Learn to be a licensed skydiver!

Want to Feel the Freedom of Skydiving on Your Own and earn your Skydiving License?

We will help you achieve your USPA license!

There's no denying that tandem skydiving is fun and exhilarating. But if you want to learn how to skydive without an instructor, turn to Skydive Windy City Chicago. Program prerequisites require a couple training tandems first, so you can experience skydiving without any additional pressure.


Then, you'll start your AFF (accelerated freefall) skydive training, where you'll learn all the ins and outs of skydiving so you can become a pro yourself. 


Learn how you can become a fully trained skydiver with our STP!

Our solo skydive training program (STP) goes above and beyond the USPA's minimum requirements for an A license. So what does it take to earn your USPA license and skydive on your own?

In our program you will learn everything you need to know, here is the outline to help you get an idea of the steps:


  • 3-4 tandems, Generally tandems 3 & 4 are training tandems where we teach you important information that you will take with you to your solo training jumps. A training tandem can happen as soon as your second jump so please let our staff know you need a training tandem if you are interested in the STP. (student training program)
  • STP Ground School $75: Our ground school is a scheduled event taken after completing your training tandems and typically lasts about 6 hours where you prepare for the upcoming instructor supervised solo jumps. 
  • STP Solo jumps: There are 18 levels to our program and you will learn all of the skills necessary to obtain your USPA license.
  • Pricing for the STP jumps are as follows and we offer a 20% discount if you pay upfront for the entire STP program. 
  • STP levels 1-4        $230 each
  • STP levels 5-8        $220 each
  • STP levels 9-12      $200 each
  • STP levels 13-16    $190 each
  • STP levels 17-18    $100 each
  • STP repeat jump    $170 each






Once you've finished your classes and completed 25 skydives (your tandems count), you'll pay a USPA license fee to officially become a licensed skydiver. Sign up for your first skydiving instruction course today!

If you have completed your training tandems and would like to sign up for our Ground School please send an email and we will get you scheduled!


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