Skydive Windy City Chicago

Chicago's closest and safest skydiving center

The only skydive center with an awesome view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline almost every day!

Skydive next to Lake Michigan

See the Chicago skyline


Skydive only No Pictures or Video

$218 (single jumper)

$208* Groups 2-3
$198* Groups 4-7
$188* Groups 8 or more

per person


Skydive plus video or pictures - choice at check-in

Pictures OR Video Included

$268 (single jumper)

$248* Groups 2-3
$238* Groups 4-7
$228* Groups 8 or more

* per person


Skydive with video and pictures

Pictures AND Video Included

$298 (single jumper)

$278* Groups 2-3
$268* Groups 4-7
$258* Groups 8 or more

* per person

Save up to an extra $20 per person

on Silver and Gold skydives made on weekdays!

**Save $10 off any skydive when booked with "flex-time" where you pick the day, we pick your time (between 11am and 3pm), plus save $10 off Silver/Gold on Weekdays, **

Free altitude upgrades for a limited time

**not applicable for groupon purchases, discount applied on arrival**

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Chicago's Most Scenic Skydive

Pricing notes and discounts

Online Waiver All Customers have to complete the digital waiver (and respond to verification email) at least 24 hours before their reservation time or be charged an extra $10 per person (for everyone completing a paper waiver onsite). A link for the online waiver will be sent upon completion of your booking, or you can follow this link: 2017 Tandem Skydiving Waiver If you have completed a waiver this calendar year, you do not need to do it again (i.e. once you completed one 2017 waiver, you are good for all of 2017). We have the lowest package prices in Chicagoland and this allows us to provide efficient customer service, and keeps your on-site time as low as possible.

Birthday-Military-Student: If you jump within 14 days of your birthday, are military or a veteran (must present proof of military service), are a public servant such as police or firefighter (must present valid proof of service), or are a student (must present a valid student ID), you can save an extra $10 off your skydive. Unlike other skydiving centers, if anyone in the group qualifies for this discount everyone gets the discount!

Maximum weight for height: All jumpers must be under the maximum weight for their height according to our height/weight chart. If you are between 210 and 239 pounds (and under max weight for height), you will be charged an extra $30.00 for your skydive. If you are between 240 and 270 pounds (and under max weight for height), you will be charged an extra $50.00 for your skydive. We can skydive safely with many people between 210 and 270 pounds, but it is much more work for the instructor and creates more wear & tear on the skydiving equipment.

Why Skydive Here? The Chicago area provides a number of choices for skydiving, and no matter where you go, the skydive is roughly the same (amazing). What is different about each Skydiving Center is their location and proximity to you. We have the best location for views of Chicagoland, and are closest to the city of Chicago (especially if you are south of 290). We jump 2 miles from Lake Michigan in Michigan City, Indiana, are only an hour from the Loop. On your flight up and skydive, you can see from St. Joseph, Michigan all the way to Gurnee, IL (the whole south end of Lake Michigan), including the beautiful Chicago Skyline. There is not a more beautiful place to skydive in the entire Midwest! Wherever you choose to skydive, we hope you have a great time, but if you want the most out of it, Skydive Windy City Chicago should be your choice! Altitudes are approximate and may be affected by meteorological condtions or air-traffic control limitations.

Loyalty Tandem Skydive: If you jumped with us before, bring your logbook or jump card as proof and you can get a free altitude upgrade regardless of the package you choose.

Social Discount Vouchers From time-to-time, we may offer discount skydiving vouchers, sold through sites such as Groupon. You are free to purchase these vouchers when available, but note the fine print. They are often limited for when you can use them and what they include. Almost always for the equivalent of a Bronze skydive, voucher holders can add pictures or pictures and video, and upgrade altitude when they arrive, but they are still limited by the voucher terms and conditions. Booking Skydives through our site directly is usually cheaper and offers more flexibility for scheduling, as other discounts (such as group or birthday/military/student) may and usually apply Customers booking direct only pay a $50 deposit per person and owe the balance when they arrive, so you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket until the day of your skydive. We just want our customers to get the best price, and have a great experience!

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Chicago Area Skydiving

Skydive Windy City Chicago

We are Chicago's closest and most convenient skydive center. We offer services for tandem and licensed jumpers.
We also have a view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline that cannot be matched by any other sky dive center!

Tandem Skydiving

Experience the Thrill!

Tandem Parachuting is the most popular way to experience the thrill of skydiving. No experience is necessary and Tandem is statistically 4 times safer than solo skydiving. We have the fastest service times and best packages in the midwest. Book your skydive online and save money & time. See our 2017 altitude upgrade options.

Video & Pictures

Capture your Jump!

You can add Pictures , Video or both to your experience for very reasonable prices. The pictures and/or video are delivered to you in raw format on via internet link, usually before you leave (usually within 30 minutes of landing). You may have us edit your video and/or receive it on USB for a small extra charge.

Solo Training

Solo Training Program!

If you enjoyed your Tandem as much as most, you may wish to take it a step further. Our Solo Training Program (STP) is a comprehensive program of instruction that helps you earn your United States Parachute Association (USPA) "A" Skydiving license.

Experienced Skydivers

Jump with a view!

Unlike many small dropzones, we allow experienced (licensed) skydivers. With our Cessna 208-114A jumpship, there are almost always slots available for experienced skydivers and STP (Solo Training Program) students. See the Chicago Skyline and 3 states of Lake Michigan Shoreline during your skydives.

Chicago's Best Sky Diving

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The Most Amazing Views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline!