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Skydive Windy City Chicago

Learn to Skydive!

Skydive Windy City is Chicago’s closest and most scenic skydive. Our Skydiving Jumpship holds 14 jumpers and climbs to 14000 feet in as little as 8 minutes.

Learn to skydive at Chicago’s closest and most scenic skydiving center! Our industry-leading Solo Training Program (STP) will teach you the skills needed to earn a United States Parachute Association (USPA) “A” Skydiving License. Once you have your skydiving license, you can jump almost anywhere in the world! STP is the most progressive and complete instructional skydiving program in the world today. Developed from nearly 20 years of hand-on experience with thousands of solo skydiving students, STP’s success rate, quality, and consistency of instruction is unmatched.

Tandem Levels

The Cost of Learning to Skydive

Learning to skydive is something you don’t do without proper instruction (otherwise it isn’t learning to skydive, it is suicide). Our program brings you to a level of skills that far exceed the USPAs minimum skills for an “A” license.
The total cost for jumps after your tandems is $3503.00 if you do not need to repeat any levels. On average, 50% of students repeat one level, it is rare to repeat more than one. If you repeated one level, your total cost (after your tandems) would be $3592.00. We do offer a prepay option of at least 20% off the pay-as-you-go cost (We also pro-rate the prepay discount if you started here or somewhere else and wish to pre-pay the balance). This seems expensive, and it is an expensive sport, but this is the equivalent of a “Harvard” education, not your local community college. Pricing in skydiving is not very transparent, and it is common for dropzones to advertise 8-9 jump programs (called AFF) for around $1800-$2000, but you still must meet all requirements (and you won’t in 8-9 jumps), including the 25 jump requirement. If you wish to price-shop, ask for an estimated total cost to get your license, and you will find that almost all across this great country, the total prices don’t vary more than 10%. Skydive Windy City is just straight up about it.
There are a few other additional costs for learning to skydive:
  1. Your solo skydiving initial ground school class: This 6+ hour class costs $60.00
  2. Your USPA membership: This is paid directly to the USPA prior to STP level 5 and costs $78.00
  3. Your solo skydiving freefall class: This class reinforces the ground school class and adds valuable information. This 2+ hour class costs $20.00
  4. Your parachute packing class: You must pack a parachute without assistance and jump with that parachute. This 4+ hour class costs $45.00
  5. Your USPA “A” license fee: This is paid directly to the USPA after your 25th jump and costs $36.00
So if one did not repeat any levels, their total cost (after tandems) would be $3742.00. We understand that learning to skydive is not cheap (we had to pay to learn just like you). What you probably do not understand yet is how rewarding the training is. Not only do you learn to skydive, but you learn to look at life in a different way. Skydiving is total freedom. Skydiving is the ultimate social networking. Skydiving is total acceptance. Skydiving is never going back or giving up. Learn to Skydive here or elsewhere, it will change your life for the better!

Solo Training Program Levels

STP Levels 1-4

Jump Prices: $210

STP Levels 5-8

Jump Prices: $200

STP Levels 9-12

Jump Prices: $190

STP Levels 13-16

Jump Prices: $180

STP Levels 17-18

Jump Prices: $100

Additional STP Jumps

Solo and Group Skydiving For Licensed Skydivers

Providing superior service to our Tandem customers is our primary focus, but slots are always available (usually for at least a 4-way) for licensed skydivers.