Aircraft Upgrades

As some of you may know, we are upgrading our aircraft over the winter.  Our Cessna 182L, tail number N3400R, has been a fantastic aircraft for us over 5 full seasons of Chicago area Skydiving.  This winter we are overhauling and upgrading the engine.  A normal overhaul would result in a fresh engine with 235 horsepower.  The P-Ponk conversion we are doing will result in a fresh engine with 285+ horsepower.  The propeller has been sent out, inspected, dressed, painted, and rebalanced.  We are also finishing the interior, which was only partially complete in 2015 (panels were up but trim was not).  We have also gone through the entire airplane with a more-thorough-than-required annual inspection.  We repaired the landing gear, including new seals and oil in the strut and new main tires.  Of course all wheel bearings were inspected and regreased and tires balanced.  The upgraded engine was supposed to be back soon but it looks like mid January before we get it back.