Readiness for the 2016 Skydiving Season

Hello:  Winter is a time we don't make a lot of posts to this blog, but nonetheless things continue to move forward in preparation for the following season.  This year the only team member around is Troy, as he works on the aircraft and (hopefully) the new building construction in prep for the 2016 season.  We sold quite a few gift certificates and took many reservations for the 2016 season before Christmas.

The full season's schedule is up, so if you have a date in mind, pick it early and make your reservation.  You need only leave a $50 deposit per person (it will be applied to your skydive), and it ensures the date and time you want to make your skydive will be reserved.  Your money is in good hands, in 5 full seasons, we have never siezed a deposit.  We want you to skydive.  If we have weather-related reschedules, or if you need to reschedule for your own reasons and give us fair notice (we ask for 5 days), your money will move with your reservation.

The airplane maintenance is coming along, although it has been delayed.  It turns out we spun a main bearing in the engine (not entirely uncommon, but involves more work), so we needed to get the case repaired and get a new crankshaft.  We don't know when this happened, but a new (albeit minor) oil leak developed a couple years ago, and we think that is when it happened.  Goes to show you how durable these motors are.  Since the airplane is down longer than expected, Troy is cleaning up the interior and installing the trim we planned.  Once the engine is done and reinstalled, Troy will fly it to FL to visit his family (this trip was planned for over Xmas & New Years but the delay changed that) and break in the $30K overhauled engine.  The updated engine will take the airplane from 235 horsepower to 285 HP, resulting in faster climb times and less waiting for customers.  The updated engine should last us 5 seasons before it needs major work again.  Exciting times!