COVID Updates

Skydive Windy City Chicago

The pandemic has (like most places) created changes in the way we operate. We have always welcomed and encouraged customers to bring spectators (friends and family), and while we won’t be setting limits on the spectators that come, there are parts of our campus that will require screening to enter, which will be fee based for spectators (jumpers don’t pay extra). The pandemic has increased our costs substantially with screening, obsessive cleaning, barriers and distancing, etc… We are pledging to keep our prices the same to see where this all leads, but we foresee prices going up significantly in 2021 if things don’t get back to normal, so if you know anyone thinking about jumping, let them know so if they can fit it in this year, they get their knees in the breeze. With all that said, we will share with you the changes that affect you as a tandem student: We are taking as many measures as logistically possible to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading, but we cannot guarantee your safety. Skydiving involves close, physical contact, and if that makes you uncomfortable, you should not come skydiving. Please understand that by choosing to participate you are assuming full responsibility for exposure and risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.


We respect your right to refuse to participate in social distancing, screening or other safety measures we employ. We do not have penalties associated with rescheduling (if cancellation is <24 hours prior) and we have extended all SWCC gift certificate expiration dates thru 2021 so if you are uncomfortable or unwilling to comply with social distancing, screening or other any other safety measures, you can reschedule for sometime in the future when (hopefully) things are more “normal”. We ask you to respect the rights of our team members and other customers regarding their personal health and safety. As a private business we reserve the right to refuse service or admittance to those unwilling to participate or comply with safety measures being incorporated for the protection of everyone. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these challenging times and we are confident that measures we are incorporating will send you home a virus-free skydiver with a smile from ear to ear!

Below are many of the changes and new procedures. Current procedures are also emailed to participants ~24 hours prior to their appointment. TANDEM SAFETY AND PROCEDURES RELATIVE TO COVID-19  You should assess your personal health prior to coming to our facility. If you would answer “Yes” to any of the screening questions below, you should email or call to reschedule your appointment. All customers and team members must enter the building through the main (glass) door for screening. All other entrances to the building will be closed. We will be limiting the number of tandem bookings and staggering check-in times to try to avoid large groups congregating in the lobby. Only persons who have been Covid-screened (and are wearing our ID wristband) will be allowed in the building. Jumpers with reservations will not be charged for screening, but any spectators who want to enter the building will have to pay $5 per person (12 years and older, please do not bring children under 12 to our facility until further notice). The only bathrooms are in the building, so please keep that in mind and plan accordingly. We encourage all customers to (when possible) fill out all paperwork and waivers online to minimize contact risks with touch screens, touch pads and team members.

You will be asked the following questions by the screener upon arrival:

– Do you have a fever?
– Do you have a new cough?
– Do you have shortness of breath?
– Do you have a sore throat?
– Do you have any other symptoms of Covid-19 or any flu-like symptoms?
– Have you been in contact with anyone who is symptomatic or has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the above you will not be permitted to enter the premises and will be asked to reschedule. You will be screened for a fever via contactless thermometer  You will be fitted with a wristband which you must wear at all times to confirm you have been screened.  You will be asked to wash your hands after screening prior to proceeding to the check-in counter. We recommend that customers use their own, personal pair of skydiving goggles. If you have suitable goggles for skydiving you may wear them (most people do not: ski, laboratory and MX motorcycle goggles are not good for skydiving) or you can buy a stylish pair of skydiving goggles when you arrive. If you do not own or wish to purchase a pair, we will loan you a pair which will be sanitized between uses. We recommend that you wear your own, personal facial covering. If you do not have a facial covering/mask, you may purchase one from us for as little as $3.

We will require everyone to wear a facial covering any time social distancing (6 feet) cannot be maintained.  We will not be loaning jumpsuits to tandem customers. Please wear long pants that you can get dirty and dress a bit warmer than usual. The air temperature at altitude is cooler than on the ground. For those who need or want to wear a jumpsuit, we will keep a limited supply sanitized so they may rent one (which will be sanitized after their use). We have marked out 6 feet of separation between customers in the check-in area. We have a virus transmission barrier between guests and staff members in the check-in area, and between the pilot and passengers on the aircraft.. We request that you fill out your waiver online a minimum of 24hrs prior to your appointment (this also saves you $10) to minimize your contact risks with touch screens, touch pads and staff members. We will be cleaning all high-touch surfaces and the inside of our aircraft as often as possible. We run a hydroxyl generator in the occupied spaces, and run multiple industrial UV sterilizers with ozone generators at night when the building is not occupied and In the aircraft. We have supplied hand sanitizer in the building for ease of use, although soap and water for 20 seconds is more effective and strongly recommended over hand sanitizer. We will be asking students and instructors to wash their hands prior to beginning the gear-up process and as often as possible. Especially after touching eyes, nose, mouth or face, after sneezing, coughing or blowing nose. Students and instructors must wear facial coverings any time proper social distancing cannot be achieved. Specifically, during the gear-up process, in the loading area, on board the aircraft, in freefall and under canopy. You must wear a facial covering throughout the skydive even if you will get videos and or photos. We understand many of the new procedures are an inconvenience and not the way it was done pre-pandemic, but we intend to make every effort to protect the health and safety everyone while they are at our facility. Only jumpers are allowed in the aircraft, and we can’t allow customers to bring any cameras or electronics (including their phone on the airplane. We need customers to concentrate on instructions and have fun, not worry about getting that “great” shot  Inclement weather can cause potential delays in our operation. This could lead to larger numbers of customers congregating in the lobby. We recommend waiting in your vehicle or outside rather than in a confined space whenever possible.