Meet Troy Church

Skydive Windy City Chicago General Manager

About Troy

Professional Skydiver

Focused on the sport of Skydiving. Troy began skydiving in 1999. He has competed a number of times in the US National Skydiving Championships, earning recognition in 4-way formation competition and a bronze medal in high-performance canopy flight. Troy was also a participant in the first US wingsuit formation record (25), and the first FAI wingsuit formation record (68) in 2009.

  1. Skydive Windy City Chicago General Manager
  2. USPA Ratings: AFFI, TI, Coach, and S&TA
  3. USPA PRO-rated demonstration skydiver
  4. FAA Commercial Pilot and Senior Parachute Rigger

Troy's interests

...a few things!

A Short Bio About Troy

Born in Lansing Michigan in 1966. Graduated DeWitt High School in 1984. Served in United States Marine Corps from 1984-1988. Attended University of Maryland and UCLA. Worked as Electrical Engineer through 2008. Professional Skydiver (with nearly 8,000 safe skydives) and Entrepreneur since 2003. Manages Skydive Windy City Chicago

Rare is the day you do not see Troy at the dropzone skydiving near Chicago. He generally arrives before everyone and leaves after everyone. Troy believes in customer-focused business practices, and also believes leaders must be first into battle and last to receive rewards. He lives a simple life focused around the business he manages. Troy enjoys living and skydiving in the Chicago / Chicagoland area.