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Skydive Windy City is Chicago's closest and most scenic skydive. Views of 3 states of Lake Michigan shoreline and the downtown Chicago skyline are incredible. We are conveniently located in Northwest Indiana at the Michigan City Municipal Airport. If you are visiting Chicago and do not have a car, we are accessible via the South Shore Line (Carroll Ave. Station) from downtown Chicago.

Our Skydiving Jumpship is a Pacific Aerospace PAC-750XL that holds 14 jumpers and climbs to 14000 feet in as little as 10 minutes. We jump from between 10,000' and 14,000'. Tandem is the primary operation, but slots are always available to get licensed jumpers up regularly. During the busiest times of the season we also stay open late on Fridays. We offer indoor air-conditioned packing on padded carpet, paid packing services (if you don't want to pack for yourself), abundant landing areas, and jumper pickup (from the landing area) after landing.

Skydiving Rig Rental is available and we have 6 rental/student rigs with main canopies ranging from 279sqft down to 189sqft. We have no equipment older than 2011, and all rental rigs are maintained to the highest standard, including rigger-inspections every 25 jumps.

Parachute Rigging and Parachute Repair Services are also available. We have two riggers on the team for emergency services, but if you plan to drop your rig off for repack our standard turn-around time is 2 weeks. You can pay a bit more to expedite the service. You can buck-up to repack turn-around in as little as one day.

Online Waiver You can complete your waiver before you get to the dropzone. Follow this link to complete our 2018 Licensed Skydiver Waiver.


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Chicago Skydiving Manager

Troy Church, General Manager

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Chicago Skydiving Center Team Member

Manifest & Phones

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Chicago Skydiving Parachute Packer and Rigger

Tom Newman, Senior Parachute Rigger

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Chicago's Closest Skydiving Center

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Open 5-6 days per week

Skydive Windy City is open each week Friday through Tuesday before Memorial Day and after September. Skydive Windy City is open Thursday through Tuesday between during June and the second half of September. We are open 7 days from July 1 through September 9th.
We open for the Chicago skydiving season on April 28, 2018 and operate through October 31, 2018. Weekdays we are open noon to 5pm and weekends 10am to 6pm.

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Skydiver Friendly

We are a tandem-intensive operation, but we welcome experienced skydivers. Many licensed skydivers call SWC home and jump every weekend.

Licensed Skydiver Prices

We keep our prices as competitive as possible. Hop & Pop jumps are full price.

Coaching and Organizing is usually available, but call ahead to be sure.

2018 Licensed Skydiver Prices